Chocolates & Truffles

At Abbott’s Chocolates we specialises in hand-made chocolates. Because all of our chocolates are all handmade, it allows us flexibility to adapt to our customers’ requirements. If you require more information about our ingredients, or questions regarding allergies and intolerance’s please do not hesitate to give us a call where we will be more than happy to help.


Ornage milk chocolate cup


Milk chocolate sphere filled with a orange Tintoretto and finished with chocolate orange curls…

Hazelnut dark chocolate praline

Hazelnut Praline

Dark chocolate sphere caramelised chopped hazelnuts. Filled with a smooth hazelnut praline…

Italian cherry Cointreau chocolate

Italian Cherry

Marbled cup filled with a Cointreau soaked cherry, with a dark chocolate ganach’e and milk chocolate drizzle…

Champagne Truffle


White chocolate sphere with white and pink chocolate strawberry curls. Filled with champagne ganach’e…

Strawberry Champagne

Strawberry Champagne

Champagne ganache covered in white chocolate and dusted with dried strawberries.

chocolate and dusted with dried strawberry.

Milk chocolates

Milk chocolate strawberry flavoured ganache covered in milk chocolate and dusted with dried strawberry.

chocolate and dusted with dried strawberry.

White chocolate strawberry

Strawberry flavoured white chocolate ganache covered in white chocolate and dusted with dried strawberries.

Toffee vodka chocolate

Toffee Vodka

Milk chocolate sphere with a mix of toffee vodka and milk chocolate then hand rolled in dark chocolate…

Caramel chocolate cup


Milk chocolate cups filled with soft smooth caramel and capped with milk chocolate and caramel curls…

Amaretto chocolate


Milk chocolate sphere and white chocolate curls. Filled with Amaretto ganach’e…

Beer chocolate


Milk chocolate sphere filled with beer and milk chocolate rolled in milk chocolate to finish…

Vanilla white truffle


White chocolate sphere filled with a milk chocolate ganach’e and rolled in white chocolate to finish….

Cointreau and caramel chocolate cup

Cointreau & Caramel

Dark chocolate cup with a smooth mix of  Cointreau and caramel, capped with dark chocolate and Vermicelli.

Mocha chocolate cup


Dark chocolate cup filled with a smooth coffee filling and capped with  sprinkles of mocha biscuit…

Why Not Try…

Boxed Chocolates

For the perfect indulgent treat or gift for a loved one, we have chocolate boxes full of delicious delights.

Chocolate Thins & Coal

Available in the following flavours: peppermint, orange, cherry and raspberry, ginger, dark and milk.

Molded Chocolate

Abbotts chocolates can create custom molded chocolates for any occasion or event.


Bespoke chocolate gifts, unique chocolate gift for friends, family or corporate events.