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Our journey

At Abbott’s Chocolates we make hand crafted chocolates, made to order. We specialise in Individual Truffles, Flavoured Chocolate Thins and other chocolatey goodness. All perfect for dinner parties, as a house warming gift, for loved ones… Or just to eat on your own in the dark when the kids are in bed!

Abbotts Chocolates office
Abbotts Chocolates Factory

Our journey started with Dennis’s – ‘The Chocolate Man’ – love and passion for all thing chocolate. So much so he started creating his own chocolates as a hobby in 2006. By January 2010 there was so much interest in his chocolates that Dennis launched Abbotts Chocolates.

We opened our first shop back in 2013 and became a family ran business and never looked back! We regularly host chocolate workshops and parties throughout the North West of England and in the Borders of Scotland. Sharing with you all our love of all things chocolatey!

Our passion for chocolate goes a lot further than your average box of chocolates. Over the years we have created a number of bespoke pieces including; chocolate designer shoes, edible music sheets and much much more. We are your designer chocolatiers! We want to make your ideas a chocolate reality.

We also known for our rather famous Abbott’s Coal, which is a delicious combination of cinder toffee, milk chocolate and black sherbet. Perfect for a gift for a naughty child or adult. (It’s a lot tastier than it looks!)

Abbotts chcocolate factory